106 Replies to “Mydesi2.net not working ?”

  1. Most of the old videos are not loading and not working, some show a different thumbnails but when opened it plays a different video.
    Old server was very fast and super.
    New server has some loading issues..

  2. New Player always plays videos in highest resolutions and there is no option to change the resolutions
    Slow internet speeds take ages to play that video.
    Allow the servers to change resolutions according to the internet speeds for quick playing

  3. The New Server is problematic, giving errors as
    The media could not be loaded, either because the server or the network failed or because the format is not supported.
    The resolution changing option is not there so takes too much time to fetch and load.
    Give resolution changing/choosing options like YouTube and other streaming servers.

    1. Pls bring back old server most video show different thumbnail annd play different video mostly error on tango video

  4. Pls update monika thakur tango 121
    Purba ghosh tango 121 and shaluu tango 121 jaspreet kaur tango 121 and many more its all video available at mmsbee24 posted by me (elon musk)

  5. Please put back the quality for vedios it’s difficult to play vedio it takes plenty time to play vedios

  6. Pls update purba ghosh 121
    And alina 121
    Monica thakur 121 pls its on mmsbee24 plsss many tango 121 video their ??

  7. Why can’t we play videos like earlier, it’s been more than a month that’s it’s not working at all

  8. Pls follow elon musk on mmsbee24
    Pls upload all of video which he posted on mmsbee24
    Pls team my desi…

  9. Rectangular play buttons hardly work. We are having to look for new sites.please fix it.
    Last 2-3 days there are few videos with round play buttons in the mix.They play very well. Make all videos play that format or bring back old format

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